How to Make Bob Hair Cuts In Layers

Layered bob hair cuts look classy on both long and short hair. Layered bob hair cuts are suitable for both men and women. In order to add more beauty to layered bob hair cuts, a blunt fringe or side brushing bangs could be added.


How to Make Bob Hair Cuts In Layers 1. Comb

2. Blow dryer

3. Hair brush

4. Scissors

5. Some hair clamps

6. Two mirrors

7. A nozzle water bottle for damp air maintenance


1. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry a little with towel for easy cutting

2. If your hair is dry or coarse, apply hair serum after shampoo

3. Comb your hair from the roots and examine your hair cut length

4. If your hair is curly, let your cut for layers be slightly longer because curly hair are not straight after dried up which reduces the length


The hair can be cut in to two layers in 2 different ways:

1. Part your hair in middle:

After parting your hair in the middle, hold the hair on the left section and begin to cut the hair with scissors in short quick strokes off the edges. Then cut off again with scissors the lower side of the hair at the ends. Do the same to the right section. This is applicable to the people with long hair that is in layers. But those with shorter hair, let your parting measurement begins from eyeliner and start to cut your shorter hair.

2. Sit on a chair; let your head face the floor. Comb the whole of your hair down straight. Then begin to cut your hair in a straight line horizontally. Those that have thick hair will require more cuts. Ensure that you allow it to go in a straight line. Now face the mirror, part your hair at the middle through combing and examine the layer effect.

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