How to Get Beachy Wavy Hair

If you are looking forward to enjoy the beachy wavy look this summer, then here is perfect opportunity for you to learn how to get beachy wavy hair. It is pretty easy to get beachy wavy hairs and you do not need much of the effort and neither has to spend much of the time and money. The best part about getting beachy wavy hairs is that you do not have to go to saloon for the same and you can do it every thing at your home. Here are the simple tips on how to get beachy wavy hair by making use of sea salt spray.

How to Get Beachy Wavy Hair You can buy the sea salt spray from the beauty store, or even you can make it at home. Once you have the sea salt spray then just follow these simple instructions to get the beachy wavy hairs:

  • Firstly wash your hairs with shampoo or any commonly used hair conditioner.
  • Comb your hairs to remove tangles and also to make them smooth for the styling.
  • Run your fingers through your hairs and apply the sea salt spray on the whole.
  • Now you need to choose any of the three methods to wear the beachy wavy hairstyle.
    • You can choose braid for your hairs; small braids looks good and they remain for at least an hour or two. This method is effective one to create slight wavy hairs.
    • If you are looking for large waves then you can use rollers to define the perfect wavy hairs. Roll up your hairs and tie it into a bun, after few hours make your hairs free and let them be free like waves.
    • Another perfect way to get the light wavy look is to spritz the sea salt spray on your hairs and scrunch it. It is said that this method is good for women having short or medium length hairs. For scrunching your hairs, you can use open palm and place it below your hairs. Now close the palms into the tops of your hairs and squeeze them tightly. Doing this wil give your light and causal wavy look.
  • Another effective method to get the wavy hairs is to tie your hairs and sleep over. You will find good results on the next day.

To get the finish and stylish look, you can make use of light hair spray to give a shiny look along with beachy look.

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