How to choose the right hair straightener

Hair straighteners are the ideal answer for get straight hair consistently at home. The greater part of the us go through a ton of cash and time to get our hair styled in the cantina. 

Right decision of a hair straightener won’t just keep going long yet in addition shield your hair from harm, breakage, parts and lopsided surfaces. 

Things to consider before Buying the Best Hair Straightener 

1. Consider your Hair Type 

Fine hair-on the off chance that you have fine hair that implies your hair stands are as of now frail. You don’t have to put flat iron on high temperature since it’s generally simpler to fix fine hair. 

Thick hair-thick hair requires high temperature to get fixed in light of the fact that the hair shaft is thicker here. select a straightener which offers a min of 220 degree C and has wide plates. 

Curly hair–artificially rewarded hair in every case needs additional consideration since they get increasingly touchy and frail. 

Wavy hair-they are the very troublesome hair type to fix. They take more time and require higher temperatire. 

2. Select Right Plates According to Hair Type 

Strong Ceramic hair straighteners keep up a steady temperature all through utilize and appropriate temperture throughout the plate gives smooth hair. Ideal for the individuals who have bunched up or fine hair. 

Ceramic Coated Plate straighteners warms up quickly and are phenomenal warmth conductors which perform well and diminish the grating between the plates and hair consequently decreasing harm. 

Fired and Teflon Coated straightener forestalls catching of the hair while it is being fixed. Teflon is a non-stick covering that additionally forestalls the developed of styling items on the plates. Useful for individuals with wavy and crimped hair. 

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates has ionic and infrared innovation which keeps up the wellbeing of the hair while styling it. They are entirely viable even at low temperatures. It’s the most ideal decision who experiences dull harmed hair or has truly slender hair. 

Earthenware Diamond Plates give impeccable fixing in one stroke. It forestalls overheating of specific spots that could bring about dull and consumed hair. Precious stone plates are a lot of smoother contrasted with different plates which guarantees consistent coast. 

  1. Plate size

2 inch or more – best for fixing long and thick hair 

1 ½ inch-best for wavy and coarse hair 

1″ inch – explore different avenues regarding distinctive hair styles-like twists, waves and perms 

Utilize smaller than expected plates to style short hair, blasts and spikes 

3. Temperature 

Most irons perform best at top warmth setting. Buy a straightener that comes with variable temperature settings which permits the client to increment and decline the warmth. 

Those with flimsy or fine hair types or the individuals who have harmed hair ought to pick a lower temperature setting of around 180 degree C to slow hair harm due to heat. Those with thick hair can use the machine at a higher setting of 190 to 210°C. 

4. Think about Weight and Grip 

It is essential to consider the weight of the machine before you get one. Some flat irons are heavier than others which make them hard to use for a delayed timeframe. A light weight hair straightener then again, is anything but difficult to utilize, doesn’t put strain on your arms yet they can get broken without any problem. 

5. dont buy Anything that is Cheap 

 It’s in every case simple to get something that warms very well and feels light on the pocket. Be that as it may, consistently recall your hair is valuable and you would prefer not to consume or harm it. 

Highlights You Find in a Hair Straightener 

Warmth Up Time 

It is the time taken by the plates to warm up to the ideal temperature. Most quality straighteners have a quick warmth up time with the goal that the client doesn’t need to stand by excessively long for utilizing the straightener. 

Steam/Wet to Straight 

A few straighteners accompany this element which permits it to be utilized on towel dried hair. The straightener disintegrates the abundance dampness from the hair utilizing steam. 

Ionic fixing 

If there should arise an occurrence of ionic fixing, the plates produce negative particles that lock in dampness in the hair and expels static charge that causes frizz. 

Far infrared warmth 

This kind of straighteners warms the hair from inside which thusly lessens the odds of hair harm. It likewise yields quicker outcomes in light of the fact that the warmth is disseminated uniformly. 

Streak Quick Heating Mode 

Some top of the line hair straighteners accompany brisk warming mode that gives quick warming lift to a specific timeframe. 

Driven Indicator and Power Switch 

Driven marker on the straightener cautions you when the earthenware or tourmaline plates get overheated. Also, power change to turn on/off of the hair straightener. 

Auto-off Option 

Programmed shut off is an absolute necessity have include in hair straighteners that turns off the gadget naturally after 1hour when it slipped your mind. 

Press up Button Lock 

A Lock button toward the finish of the plates

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