How to Choose the Best Highlights for Your Bob Hair Cuts

Bob Hair CutsMost of the present days highlighting techniques such as slicing and chunking are targeted to younger women that have fashionable bob hair cuts. Here is a fresh stylish technique that will give you the updated bob hair cuts. The new highlight technique is known as multiple color weaving. Mixing 2 to 3 colors to your strands of hair through weaving on your head with various densities, your saloon professional can design a customized highlight which cannot be copied by any other person.

Weaving has been in existence for quite a long time but the only way to make it new is to renew the color and the density of the color in order to improve your specific style and cut. Somebody with ultra short hair will surely have a little spot of highlight. When you mix color at the tips only and at other expected places of this style, your hairdo professional can customized this design for you. For instance, a splash of vibrant red with bangs and better still create blonde spiked tips to the back of your hair.

Bob Hair CutsNo other hair styles are suitable for slicing and chunking more than the updated textured bob hair cuts. This could be done by putting some streaks closer to your face. Add little highlights to the hair tips. With these colors, you will look glamorous.

Currently, highlights are filled with variations of the color and the color. Actually, there are some colors that you cannot get directly but you have to mix different colors in order to derive such colors. Sometimes, such color like browns, reds and blonds cannot be used together on a head but this is the new era where you can use any color and by so doing you will look customized.

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