History of Bob Haircuts

In the beginning there was woman. Woman had hair. Woman wanted to create a hairstyle that was practical and looked good – and from this the bob hair style was borne. It actually didn’t happen like this. The bob hair style was genuinely borne out of the desire to work without the encumbrance of hair threatening to blind the woman every time she had to bend over and pick something. Because tying hair back constantly can lead to strain on the follicles and even create headaches the need was there for a stylish hairstyle that could be worn without the need to tie it back.

It is believed the whole bob hair style for women came about during war time (the First World War to be exact). However, short hair on women pre-dates long before this. The particular bob cut style was worn by various film stars in the 1920’s. Many women were drawn to the practicality and style of the cut during this time but it did not retain its appeal and it wasn’t until the 1960’s that it was revived. Vidal Sassoon was instrumental in its rise back to popularity. The Beatles were also partially responsible during this time for men to start embracing the style (although this was short lived). The cut itself has gone through many transitions.

The 1980’s saw a massive array of bob cuts which are best left unsaid for the most part because they involved a generous mix of punk rock and cocaine. The present day array of bob styles have been promoted by such artists as Madonna and various others. The bob hairstyle has never really fallen out of fashion, rather out of use. It is as if when a celebrity wears it again it reminds people of the potential that the hair style has to make anyone look stylish.

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