Imagine if there were no hairdressers; and men, women and children, alike would have to grow their hair… Still imagining such a situation? Lets put words to the imagination and say that people would look unruly and unkempt and by the time they would be into their thirties the weight on their head would be in kilos. And the length in kilometers. People would have to spend at least one entire day in washing, drying a combing their hair. And to worsen things would be the lich doing the rounds if people are not hygienic enough.

Thank God for the hairdressers and stylists. Apart from the few who do not cut their hair at all through life, every other citizen of the world spends time in grooming and hair and scalp hygiene. Beyond the common notions of fashion and trends for which one gets the latest haircuts; one needs to go for regular haircuts in order to maintain scalp hygiene and cleanliness. This is because one the easy spreading parasites where humans are concerned is the lice. This is a common problem amongst children. They carry home these tiny creepy creatures from their schoolmates. Another easily spread scalp problem is that of lice.

But, this does not mean that one goes on a hair-cutting rampage. There needs to be some sensibility applied. And also, avoid the expense cutting means of cutting one’s own hair or that of the family member’s, unless one knows the haircutting techniques to do so. It is better to get the hair done from a professional hair-cutter as they understanding important aspects such as hair texture, personality and face cut and also explain to you step by step haircutting method to make you comfortable.

There are numerous cutting styles that are doing the rounds. Some people get carried away wanting to emulate a popular actor or actress’s hairstyle or any other public person, without realizing all that it takes to maintain the style. What one sees in the glossies is the not same in real life. The rich and famous spend a lot of daily time styling their hair. Some even have their own personal stylist. And so, it is better to ask the hairdresser to give an easy and low maintenance haircut.

Most career women prefer shorter hairstyles as they are easy to maintain, especially where time is concerned. There is no need to spend excessive time combing out knots; instead they just work their fingers through, as and when required. Those who have some extra time to spare opt for the medium length hair. This is also defined as shoulder length hair. It is neither to short to tie up, nor too long. A vast majority opt for this, as there is so much more they can do with their hair, where daily styling is concerned.

For the men, while the youngsters and models prefer to grow their hair, others prefer the short crop. And the latest trend is the retro Beatles look – no particular shape. It’s an uneven cut and can be carried out by almost every male, no matter what the age. Along with a trendy cut most men do not mind experimenting with hair colors, some choosing a sober shade, while others going all out loud with platinum and blonde.

Where children are concerned, the typical short army and navy crop is popular amongst the young boy whether they like it or not, because schools demand a disciplinary code to be maintained. However, where girls are concerned there is more flexibility, simply because while the hair needs to be kept in place neatly in school, girls look pretty in various styles and cuts.

When choosing a hair cut style, one of the important aspects that one should ideally keep in mind is that they should be confident carrying the style of. After all, they are the one’s to show off the stylist’s art and craft to the world. While letting the stylist provide the haircutting instruction when recommending a style, one needs to also inform them about specifications such as likes and dislikes and how much time they can take in grooming their hair daily.

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