Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Styles in hair fashion are unbelievable. The sample plain Jane hair cut can be transformed into an elegant bun of the sixties or the beehive hairstyle. There are hair extensions, false hair and other gimmicks in hair cuts that suit your face type and also the occasion. Wavy hair cuts are elegant and each is suited to perfect the overall look. Brides look wonderful with a little imagination in the styling of wavy hair and it

There are certain cuts for thick wavy hair and here the trick is to give the hair some shape. If the hair is thick then the bounce is natural. A simple conditioner would again add to the volume. Here it is essential to cut the layers tapering close to the face or lower it to the neck and shoulders. This takes away the extra bounce because too much of hair around the face will take away the charm of the features.

It has to be remembered that hair style is just one part of grooming. There are so many tricks in make up and dresses that can alter the shape of your neck and collar bone. If you have a long face then layered hair cut in wavy hair would be perfect. For a long thin face the straight hair long will further elongate the face and this should be kept in mind when the model has small eyes and a pointed nose. There are etiquettes even in wearing sandals and using the clutch bag. Bags are favourite accessories and utility items. A good quality hair brush is the vital content of a lady ‘s bag. A gloss and blusher aid to fix a touch up.

If you have straight hair, use a good conditioner and shampoo as per your hair type. Soak up the extra dripping water from the hair with the towel and keep a little moisture on. Make a casual bun or pin it up with a pincer. Make sure the hair is tangle free. Loosen up the hair and mildly blow dry it in between using your fingers to set the hair. Setting hair is an art and time consuming too. One surely masters the art while practicing and the hair cut here is necessary to be perfect.

If you are colouring your hair for the first time then make sure to go in for streaking. There should be no deliberate attempt to hide the natural grey hair or the colouring can go in patches. Choose a colour that will go with your skin and age. Loud colours do not suit an official decorum. If you in the glamour field then you can experiment with interesting colours. It is also important to use a shampoo that is specific for coloured hair. It is but natural that wavy hair can go astray as dryness is a major issue. Check for frayed hair and trim the hair often.

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