Haircare Tips For Shag Hairstyles

The shag hair cut seems a better option suited to people of all ages. This is a complete makeover item and it is the best option if you wish to project a drastic change in your appearance. There are real short shag cuts and also the layers in long haircuts are shag styles. The medium length option for shag hair cut has an edge of feminity. The hair cut comes in variations. One rock star option is a real long tapering cut at the behind and short wavy layers over the crown.

Most of these hair cuts are fuss free and easy to style. Choose the best style in the option available. Leaf through glossies but do not go for the celebrity cuts as the maintenance factor is high. People mostly opt for the short shoulder length shag. The cutting is usually the snipping or chipping method that is done with the razor. This is a difficult task and truly an experts area.

Make sure to check for split ends. If hair has gone awry ignoring the same and procrastinating the hair cut will lead to split ends. This if unchecked go high up the hair shaft till the crown. Hair colour changes with split ends. The eventual result is hair fall and breakage. Deep conditioners are available to correct the same but precaution is the better option.

Dandruff problems are unsightly mainly on short and shag styles. Most styles are unkempt propagating the out-of-bed look. But flakes are a real turn off and take all the charm you have cultivated in your new image. Dandruff treatments are available in packages and one needs to follow a regime. One also needs to check for hair breakage which is common in razor cut.

Avoid friction of hair with harsh combs. Use a wide tooth comb and arrange the hair with gels and mousse. If one has done a straightening treatment recently then it is better to wait to colour the hair. Streaking hair also needs special shampoos. If you have traveled with wind blowing your hair wild then wash hair and shampoo away the grime.

Grime and dust blocks the pores of the scalp and can cause skin infections. The crown part has maximum hair and hence using a scalp lotion is important to nourish the hair. The best option is to use the fingers in circular gentle motions to initiate blood circulation in the scalp. This stimulates the follicles.

Leave in conditioners would be necessary for dry hair as the shag styles is normally the tousled look which can make it brittle. Go for a trim every six weeks and this is necessary to maintain the hair cut. Let hair be natural on certain weekdays in order to rejuvenate.

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