Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is the art o9f adding some hair to the natural hair of a person. By doing this, it can make the person’s hair look more attractive, full and thick. The hair that is added can be a synthetics hair or a real hair of another person.

The additional hair is woven to the root of the natural hair of the person. The best hair extension is what they call as the Remy hair as it still has the cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same direction as it naturally flows.

Having a hair woven can lengthen the hair and add volume of make a thin hair look thick and full. It also adds fashion to the natural hair without the use of chemicals that can damage the hair. Hair extensions are woven hair that is applied on the strands of the hair. The extensions are by bonding the hair using copper links. This requires a lot of timer and thus is the more expensive than other options. Others have an option to add ponytails that are already colored.

The process of hair weaving is not only tedious but it also stresses the natural hair and can make it fall out so easily. Keeping the scalp and the hair clean is another problem. The hair extension should only be kept for a few weeks or it has to be repositioned every six weeks as the natural grows.

If you decide to have your hair woven with some extensions, tests for allergies is recommended as the process requires adhesives on the hair. People who have a hair problem usually undergo this process to hide the hair issues. Baldness is the main reason why people would go for hair weaving. Baldness can be avoided if you just have a healthy lifestyle.

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