Hair Weaving Styles for Short Hair


Short hair is also fun to sport but requires quite tips on style and appearance. There are many weaving styles that can look great on short hair. People with short hair have options like sewn-in, clip-in and bonded hair. The main advantage of short hair is that most weaving styles look good on every occasion. Many weaving styles are available namely long bangs, layers, short bobs and pre-styled hair. The first option clip-in weaves are either made of synthetic or human hair. Small wefts of hair are attached to clips and then given a splash of colors to make it look prominent. These clip-in extensions will add necessary volume as well as pattern to your hair. Synthetic clip-ins might tend to look like layers and can be explored in straight to curly hair.

Longer clip-ins will require bobby pins to attach them to the hair. They are surely inexpensive than most other hair weaves. The other part is called sewn-in weaves which will change the entire look of your hairstyle. They are much wider and colorful than clip-ins and are hand sewn. The expert will make use of a needle and thread to sew the braids and cornrows. These weaves will help your short hair to look voluminous and tight. Thirdly, bonded weaves tend to get long-lasting and will compliment most short looks. They look like small strips which involves glue. The cost of bonded weaves will be much more than clip-ins. Bonded-weaves also tend to look much more original and natural. This hair weaves can easily last for a good six weeks. There is yet another kind of weave called cap weaves that are smaller wefts of hair that are given shape of a shower cap.

These smaller cap weaves are also known as wigs. They can be easily available in small kits which include 15 to 30 pieces. There is another kind of hair weave which is knows as human hair. This is exactly normal hair which has been donated. You can maintain human hair by regular shampooing and conditioning. They are the most expensive out of the lot primarily due to the different layers and textures available. Also, a beautiful crown braid will look great and look similar to any Greek Goddess. This is the perfect hair style to don for any party event. Horizontal Braids or weaves will be easily tucked behind your ear and can be tied into a small bun. All these hair weaves will make your hair look beautiful even with a short pattern. You only need to have the courage and attitude to look beautiful and sport something trendy. Shorter hair will enable you to make it look tied up yet heavy. The best advantage of all these weaves is that they are best suited for short hair. You can also try to bring in some variations by sporting an uneven balance of hair. Lastly, remember that you have great options to make your boring short hair look more sparkling. So explore them at the earliest.

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