Hair Weaving Hyderabad

What exactly is hair weaving? It is actually a cosmetic procedure to add volume or hair on bald areas. The additional hair is sewn to the scalp and made to cover the bald areas. Now the option to use human or synthetic hair lies with you. Most often women prefer to go for human hair as they look real and full of options. The most added benefit includes adding volume, texture, bouncy and wavy feel to the hair. Most often six kinds of weaving takes places on the scalp namely netting, tree braiding, tracking, bonding, fusion and lace extension. Hair weaving has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most often when undertaken by a professional hair weaver, the additional hair looks like a part of the natural hair.

Hair Weaving HyderabadThey will know the perfect way to blend the new hair to the old one. This will help others to hardly pint out any difference. Hair weaving is certainly not an advanced option unlike hair transplant or any other procedure for baldness. Hair weaving is not a surgical option and hence easily managed by most women. However, it certainly takes a lot of effort on the expert’s side to balance off the extension naturally. This hair could easily last for a good period of three months provided handled with care. The major disadvantage being it could put pressure on the scalp thereby leading to damage and breakage. You must not forget to oil them as well as shampoo and condition them as the new sewn hair does not receive any nutrients from your body.

In case you want to remove any of the weaves you are supposed to visit the expert who sewed it in the beginning. Do not attempt to remove it at your own risk. This might also help the expert to view any damaged surface that might need a quick repair therapy. The glue often used to apply on the woven hair tends to attract bacteria. Hence, the expert is supposed to ensure there are no additional parts of glue lying on the surface. Every look requires lot of hard work and patience. You must be ready to wait for hours to get this done at any salon. Ensure you plan this procedure on a weekend which might help to relieve any kind of stress. Women in Hyderabad can also look up to various salons in their vicinity that might provide this fantastic option.

You can browse through to make an account of the salons that provide this option. You must also visit the salon once in two weeks for a regular check-up. This will help you to discover hair that might have got entangled or damaged at the earliest. So go explore this unique hair weaving option that might help you to enjoy your hair and experiment with it better. The rates for doing this will definitely be on the higher side however, it is worth the effort. Make sure you enquire about the same with your friends and relatives who might have undergone this particular option.

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