Hair Weaving for Men

Hair weaving is an excellent option for people who face hair loss and other major problems. Hair weaving for men often includes procedures than can be opted for without any worry. This process is actually used to cover areas of baldness. Hair extensions as well as Hair weaving is done to hide areas that normally do not attract anyone. Hair weaving takes place in different procedures like bonding, breading, fusion etc. Most people opt for breading or fusion as they tend to be long-lasting. However, all these procedures have their own pitfalls too. But they are way better an option to help you deal with people confidently. Hair weaving is a term associated with extending or combining human and synthetic as well as a combination of hair together.

So basically a hair weave is also a mix of artificial hair brought together either through braiding or extending one’s own hair to get a perfect combination. This is usually done by selecting hair from places where the density is at the maximum. You can now enjoy hair that will not just look natural but would be thick too. If this is done through an expert this weaving procedure can last for at least two to three months. You can also part your hair or cover your entire hair for the hair weaving process. Most men who are aware of hair weaving would know that there are primarily two types of hair weaving namely basic and advanced.Basic hair weaving includes conrow hair breading which is attained by stitching hair together. Advanced weaving would include making use of hand-tied spots or knots without sticking to braids and forming a channel or chain. The natural hair would then be sewn with this chain. Most hair experts would not agree to bonding or gluing to be associated with hair weaving.

The reason being they tend to get damaged and exposed out much earlier than expected. So ideally hair weaving should not damage your hair as there isn’t technically glue required. The type of hair also makes a large decision. If you have thin and long hair, you should not opt for cornrow weaving as that would make it brittle and artificial. Most attachments to hair would make it weak and cause major hair loss altogether. Also, opt for a human hair than synthetic hair as you do not want to end up being the joke of every occasion. People today are smart enough to understand the difference between either of two. Most often synthetic hair will lose its shine and quality as compared to human hair. Also, human hair will look shinier as they will need regular shampooing and maintenance. Some very good temporary options for hair weaving would include clip-on, wefted hair, strand on strand etc. Some of these can be tried on an everyday basis thereby allowing your hair to breathe and stay natural. This will also allow you to look different every single day and get to know the numerous reactions or compliments.

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