Hair Weaving Cost

Hair weaving is gaining rapid recognition in today’s day and age. It suits people who are eagerly looking for a great makeover. It can be an alternate to your baldness. People lose out on great opportunities primarily because of baldness. It is the sad fact that people wish to select candidates on the basis of looks, caste and creed. This really provokes the bald to switch over for a makeover that can surely be long-lasting. Hair weaves are opted when there is a major hair loss. This can occur at any stage. But most importantly, it occurs due to genetic reasons or accidents. Today technology has made this a less expensive affair. Most clinics in India charge half of what is been charged in U.S. This has also led to a rise in medical tourism. Hence, the trend is now to flaunt looks that can be beyond your reach.This increasing trend is something that has given hopes to depressed souls. Hair weaves are done on individual strands or grafts. They are collected either by slicing a strip of your scalp or from other areas of denser hair.

Bonding also means connecting roots of natural hair with the help of glue. This helps you to see an even balance on your scalp. However, this does more damage to the hair than the rest. Hence it is always advised that you do not wear one of the bonded weaves for more than 2 weeks. The other advantage is that you can curl and style your hair the way you want once it is bonded. The other procedure is tracking that allows you more flexibility and comfort.In this case the natural hair is put together or braided in a pattern like cornrows circularly. The person then uses a needle and hair material to stitch or sew them together. Some amount of hair will be left intentionally to close or cover the braids. This then gives it a whole new natural look. The other kind of hair weaving is called Fusion which is certainly the most expensive from the lot. This is certainly long-lasting and tends to look very stylish. In this case the hair tends to be in indiviual formats or wefts.

The hair then gets divided into very small parts and with the help of glue they are stuck to each other. Once all the indiviual sections are glued together, they are washed and curled or styled according to your preferrence. The other few options or procedures include netting, clip extensions as well as tree braiding.You must always consult your doctor or a hair specialist to understand your problems and recommend the perfect hair setting. Most of the hair weaving procedures starts from 5k – 3 lacs. You can select the one according to your budget and hair requirements. This particular procedure will again take couple of weeks to get attached and groomed properly. Hence, it would be great if you could take as much advice as possible from your friends and relatives who would suggest great hair weaving options.

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