Hair Waxing

Unwanted hair removal is always a major part of grooming. There are several methods existing even prevalently to remove hair. Female hair growth is comparatively softer than male hair but again owing to hormone factors many ladies face the problem of hair on the face and neck area. It is vital to remove hair so that you gain a better confident image and also project a neat image. Even in the olden times, women gave a lot of importance to grooming and though the earlier times the hair removal methods were primitive and painful, waxing hair is the best way to highlight the skin.

Hair-WaxingThe rates for waxing vary as per the country in spas and hence there are simple ways to wax the hair yourself. There are ready packs in safe bottles available for use and all you need is a steamer to heat a bit of the wax. Go for butter knife or a similar applicant to smoothen some wax on the skin. Test the temperature well as too much of heat will scald the skin. Use a regular brand and utilize disposable strips.

In case you are waxing for the first time then the expert will apply a bit of wax to you forearm to check out any irritation. Hair in the legs is coarser and if you have used a razor earlier, this can result in in-growth and coarse hair. Regular waxing can be done as a monthly routine either by self or seeking the luxury of a beauty spa. Lazer removal is another form removing hair that destroys the hair follicles and is a costly treatment. Shaving has its side effects about cuts or allergies owing to the cream and hence waxing is the safest method.

Waxing ready-to-use strips are also easy to use and they can suit all types of skin. It is vital never to wax on an irritated skin or a sun burn. Let skin cool or regulate the temperature after a wax and do not immediately try out a warm massage. In case skin is dry then it can get itchy which can be treated with a massage cream. Clean the skin after a wax with tepid water. The wax can clog the pores if unattended and lead to a rash.

Certain skin types are very sensitive and usually redness is present. Open pores is a condition that is ugly especially on the upper arm. Waxing underarms is comparatively painful but the effort is worth it. Facial hair wax is better to be done in spa under professional expertise. Let skin cool off before you step into the sun or go for a massage. Beauty salons usually use disposable strips to avoid infection and a mild moisturizer to soothen the skin.

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