Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant surgery is a very sensitive surgery. This is so because, if the transplant is not done properly, it can lead to many uncomfortable side effects. There are many steps before a hair transplant is performed. Initially, the surgeon starts with analyzing the patient’s scalp. After analysis is done with, the surgeon will give his preferences on the transplant and his preferences about it. After this, the surgeon will advise on the number of sessions required to get the hair transplant done properly.

Once the elementary analysis is done with, the patient is made to quit taking alcohol or any other medicines for several weeks as a precaution before the hair transplant surgery is conducted. These precautions are taken to avoid intra – operative bleeding and to enhance the quality of grafts taken and also to avoid low quality of grafts.

During a transplantation operation, topical anesthesia is injected along with mild sedation that lasts for about four hours. The scalp of the patient is then shampooed and after the shampooing, the scalp is then treated with an anti-bacterial chemical. Once these procedures are completed, the donor scalp is ready to be harvested.

Hair Transplant SurgeryThe donor scalp is always from an area of good hair growth. The surgeon harvests this donor scalp from the posterior scalp. This excised strip of donor scalp is about 1-1.5 x 15-30 cms in size. The individual follicular unit grafts are dissected from this strip of donor scalp when the donor scalp wounds are being closed. During this process itself, the excess fibrous and fatty tissues are removed. This is worked on by using binocular stereo microscopes.

To mark the sites that will be forming the recipient site, the surgeon uses fine needles and small micro blades for his work. This is the way individual grafts are inserted to, where the recipient site is located.

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