Hair Transplant Recovery

Recent developments in the field of medicine and wound care allow the patient with a wound to apply semi permeable dressings to the wound area. Semi permeable dressings are those which allow blood and tissue fluid to seep through the dressing. Wound care specialists advise to change and get a fresh dressing every day.

The recipient area must be taken more care of. The recipient area, which is highly vulnerable, is shielded from the sun. One to two days after the surgery is done with, shampooing of the recipient area is commenced. Shampooing is extremely important post a hair transplant surgery. This is to prevent the occurrence of ‘scabs’ around the hair shaft. A scab is the crust that is discharged from and covers the healing wound. These scabs cling on to the hair shaft. Within the first 7 to 10 days post the surgery, losing the newly transplanted hair follicles is at high risk. This is because of the clinging nature of the scabs.

Hair Transplant RecoveryAlso, once the surgery is completed, for the first few weeks, it has been noticed in patients that almost all the transplanted hairs are lost. This happens because the transplanted hairs after their transplantation are obviously traumatized because of the relocation. This is known as “shock loss” which is very common for such patients. During this time, the patient suffers from acute emotional troubles.

Once this shock loss is over, new hair starts growing within two to three months. This hair grows from the new transplanted hair follicles. This hair grows normally and continues to strengthen over the next six to nine months. In a year, the patient usually has all his hair back in place. For patients who still lose hair, special medications are used.

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