Hair Transplant in India

Indians do face the problem of hair loss and baldness is not uncommon. Hence the services of hair transplant are being availed by them who want to regain the looks and also enhance their image. There are a number of clinics who are offering these services and there are surgeons who are listed under Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and offer reliable services to the patients. The availability of surgeons who can perform modern techniques of transplant is prevalent in the metros. Men and women from the age group are the one who frequent these clinics for hair transplant.

Hair Transplant in India In India qualified surgeons are available who can perform follicular unit extraction to transplant hair in the bald region from the donor place. Similarly surgeons in India are also conducting follicular unit transplantation for strip transplantation of hair. There is growing trend where people from other countries visit India to have hair transplant done since costs here are very competitive compared to other western developed nations. Hair transplant is growing industry within medical tourism.

In India around twenty thousand off doctors and medical staff are performing this Hair transplant. The success rates vary and moreover there is no method to ensure that these surgeons would use the latest techniques and take necessary precaution in ensuring long term benefit to the client. The Alliance of Hair Restoration surgeons provide necessary certification to the surgeons so the client can be sure of getting the right treatment. There two types of certification available from AHRS and based on competency and verification of facilities listed level certification is given after initial associate certification. Still it would be advisable for the patient to visit few clinics and conduct market survey of the clinics and competencies of the surgeons before hair transplant process is undertaken as this will ensure the patient gets procedure done by the right surgeons.

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