Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure by which hair is moved from one part of the body to any bald surface. This technique is normally undertaken in men. It is commonly referred as male pattern baldness. Hair follicles are basically transplanted to the bald surface. This can also be done to fix small eyelashes, public hair, chest hair, eyelashes, beard etc. This technique also suits people who lose out of hair after meeting with any kind of accident. The process of skin grafting usually involves tiny grafts that are combined with hair to cover a particular section of the scalp. Most modern techniques in today’s times often mimic certain kind of natural hair. The transplantation done today will look like your natural hair. You will have to donate hair form some parts of your body to make this procedure much believing.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai This is usually conducted in two ways namely strip harvesting and Follicular Unit extraction. Under strip harvesting, a scale of scalp is sliced under anesthesia and wound is sutured together. This scale or piece of scalp is then chopped finely or into grafts. They are then transplanted back into the bald area of the head. This procedure often leaves a scar which has to be suitably covered with hair. This procedure takes two to three weeks to recover and you would also be required to remove the stitches at the clinic. The next process is called Follicular Unit extraction whereby follicles of hair are scrapped or sliced under anesthesia. With a use of micro blade the follicle is touched back to the lining of scalp. There would be very few noticeable scars but you would not require any kind of suture. This process is performed on outpatient basis and patients can resume work in a few days time. The scalp will also be shampooed and taken care with antibacterial agent. The surgeon also harvests a scale of skin touching the scalp.

With the latest technique of Trichophytic Closure, less damage is visible on the scalp. This process of harvesting often opens doors for hair to be balanced perfectly. The hair pattern will then be judged and placed according to the positioning of grafts. The experts also believe in inserting individual grafts to the areas where hair growth is at a minimum. There are many clinics in Mumbai that can help you from your hair misery. You must browse through to get detailed information on transplant clinics in Mumbai. You must also visit your skin specialist before opting for any of the above procedures. You need to get complete guidance on what to do and what to choose for your scalp. If your scalp is allergic to any of the follicles or antibacterial agents, you would be advised against this procedure. You must ideally consult two to three surgeons to get a broader view from them. The expense involved would be higher as compared to hair weaving or hair extension. But the impact would surely be on a long-term basis.

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