Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! How to Avoid This

Hair Loss

Hair today, gone tomorrow! A creative line, it may be, but it is not creative to know that your hair that you have tendered has gone tomorrow. The reaction to hair fall has never been a subtle one. Panic is probably one of the most common impacts or outcomes to hair fall. And for all those who thought differently, here is a truth for all of you out there- Panic creates further hair fall. So when you find strands of your hair missing, do try your level best to not panic. Try to be as composed as you can and immediately, starting right now, right here, start working towards better care for your hair.

Hair care, from periodic oiling, hair massages, tonics that are supplementary to hair growth to hair care methods that are genuine and free from chemical infestation are good methods to apply to your regime in hair care. Hair can be cared for by gentle brushing to bring to effect the outcomes of a good head massage (whilst a good and long head massage results in a good circulation, even a daily brushing, done gently and steadily, has a circulatory impact and effect on the head/hair). Hair that is combed, gently after wash, with a big and wide toothed bristle comb is benefitted. Sometimes one cannot help going to a salon for a good setting or a good blow-dry/ any other heat treatment done to hair. But in cases such as this, one can be sure to use a good spray for protection or a good protein spray on before any heat related treatment ( from TIGI ) and this is helpful. At least, hair does not get tortured with excessive heat given to it. Other ways of being aware is to try and maintain as healthy or balanced a diet as one can!

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