Hair Styles

The Indian grooming industry has been growing at steady annual rate over the last few years. Despite the growth experienced in this sector, and the entry of many foreign companies to the Indian beauty and cosmetics market, experts feel that Indian consumers are not spending as much as they can in the area of beauty and cosmetics. Hence these experts predict a boom in this industry.

The present growth that is experienced in this area is believed to be the result of a much savvier public. Advertising and increased television viewing means that the Indian audience is presented with plenty of information on new products and also about how to use these. The Indian consumer is now better prepared to make a choice regarding the products or services which he or she wants to purchase and with an increased spending power, today the Indian consumer has the ability to spend on the product of his choice.

With this increased awareness and spending power comes the interest in grooming oneself. Today, many people enjoy being able to sport celebrity hair styles like Sedu hair styles and do not even mind spending a little more on acquiring this luxury. Consequently there are many different hair styles that the Indian consumer can now choose to sport and it is not uncommon for an Indian consumers’ taste to be influenced by the trends started by celebrities.

The change in hairstyle trends is perhaps most evident in the wide variety of mens hair styles. Although long hair styles were once the norm for Indian men, and part of Indian tradition, Indian people had started to look upon short haircuts as being the usual male hairstyle. In recent years however, medium hair styles and long hair styles for men have made a comeback and men also often sport hair coloring styles.

Even in the area of women’s hair styles, there are many changes and women have many more hair styles to choose from. They are no longer limited by their hair texture or thickness for instance as there are hair straightening, anti-fizz and curling techniques that can add bounce or minimize volume according to their preferences.

Irrespective of the length of their hair, women can choose between a variety for casual hairstyles or formal hairstyles depending on occasions. Of all the casual hairstyles favored by women with shoulder-length or long hair, none is as elegant, simple and easy to create as the ponytail. This hairstyle is also favored by Indian women because it is suitable for the hot Indian summers. Aside from its simplicity, another thing that makes ponytails popular is their ability to suit any face shape. Many men with long hair and especially teenage boys also favor this hairstyle.

Among current hair styles’ and trends in the genre of wedding hair styles, classics like buns and French twists never go out of fashion. These are also simple to create but lend an air of sophistication. Hence these hairstyles are perfect for formal get-togethers or for important business meetings.

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