Hair Straightening- Good or Bad for Hair?

Hair Straightening

This question of hair straightening being good or bad for hair is as easy to answer as whether or not hair that is heated with an actual iron is good or bad for hair. The answer is very obviously the latter. Ironing hair or straightening it is not good for hair, as anything that is of excessive heat that is applied to hair, is not suitable for it.

It does help, though, that irons and straighteners these days, (especially the ones that are well reputed and have carved their niche in the hair product market) are covered with Teflon, which is marvelous for hair. The Teflon content that is present on the hair iron blades provide a shine and gloss to the hair whilst straightening it. The Teflon also acts as a protective element towards prevention of heat damage to hair and the products that one uses before hair straightening are also helpful and protective in nature.

By and large, these elements of protection, though they claim to be wonderful in their effects, and they are, but they do not in totality protect hair from all damage, when hair is straightened or put through heat treatment of any kind on a regular basis. This has to be kept in mind.

Hair can be protected only if there is damage control done to it. Though creams, sprays for protection like the earlier and multiple times stated TIGI (Tony and Guy) Protein spray, which acts as a hair protectant, are good for a certain amount of resistance towards hair damage and though hair can be saved from the excessive damage that is caused with overexposure to heat applications, there is a necessity to use the right hair products, the ones that suit or are well-blending with your hair type.

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