Hair Rebonding


Most women desire for beautiful hair that can move according to their moods. Nobody likes to flaunt dull hair. Hair Rebonding helps most women to get their dreams accomplished. It is a process of softening and straightening your hair thereby making it shine. This kind of treatment will build in new confidence and make you stylish. It is always nice to be trendy and experiment with different looks. Not many women would be willing to experiment particularly with their hair. Hair is the most important feature for a woman. Hence, you would often find her taking extra care about her hair. Rebonding your hair will surely make you feel super confident. However, remember to get this procedure done at a specialized clinic or a salon. Your hair expert should be a professional who holds the certificate to such procedures. Explore the well renowned salons at your place and get ample information on the procedure and time needed.

There are lots of chemicals put at stake for the shiny appearance of your hair. This process of rebonding will not last more than two years and hence it is not a permanent solution. You will have to do it again after a couple of years to keep the look going. Most hair salons follow the same procedure apart from the use of certain solutions. The amount of time required will also depend on the length, thickness and nature of your hair. An ideal sit-up should last 6 to 7 hours at an established parlor. The procedure involves washing the hair with a shampoo and conditioner followed by blow-drying it. The hair would then be portioned or sectioned and a softener or cream is applied to every graft or strip. This softener or cream would then be kept on the hair for a good two hours. The next procedure involves using a straightner or iron marked at 180 degree. This iron which will be supported by ceramic plates will make it straight and shiny.

This process continues for a good 30 minutes following which the hair is rinsed. Hair is again dried and massaged with keratin lotion. Again, the expert will straighten each strand with the help of the iron to make it further shiny. A neutralizer will be applied to your hair which bonds all the hair together. This is then rinsed in water and blow dried. Your hair will now look straight and sparkling. You will also be advised to not wash your hair for a good couple of days. You are also not supposed to clip in or tie with a bow or bun. You should ideally wear a shower cap while taking bat h so that the rebounded hair is unexposed to water. You would be advised to use serums, creams and lotions to maintain this hair for a good two year period. Sometimes the chemicals make the whole procedure too disastrous and hence only experienced professionals will be also be to guide your hair better.

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