Hair Ornaments

Hair ornaments are accessories which decorate, embellish and adorn human hair. Decorative hair ornaments are usually attached to an elastic band or optic fibers to facilitate the fastening of the ornament to your hair.

Some traditional and contemporary hair ornaments in popular use are ribbon, headband, crunchy, hair band, hair clip, hair pin, barrette, hair claw, hair comb, hair fork, pony tail holder. The hair ornament industry is huge and varied. Hair ornament manufacturers are busy designing and manufacturing the above hair ornaments in different patterns and designs.

Many varied materials are employed in manufacturing hair ornaments all over the world. Continuous creativity and improvisation according to changing tastes, fashion and demand is made by this industry in different countries to suit the cultural bent of each place.

Hair ornaments are worn by men and women of all ages ranging from infancy to the very old. However women are major consumers of hair ornaments and the hair ornament industry is primarily employed in making hair ornaments exclusively for the female gender.

Almost all fabrics like, leather, wool, silk, organza, satin , cotton, terry cotton, velvet and lace are used to make head ornaments like hair ribbons, hair bands, crunchies, pony tail fasteners, head scarf etc. Metals and plastics in different forms are used for make hair pins, hair clips and hair combs etc. Wood, bone and ivory are also all time favorite with head ornament manufacturers all over the globe.

There is a parallel hair ornament industry for the rich and classy who can afford expensive head decorations. Hair ornaments are decorated and studded with precious jewels for high end and rich socialites. Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones on hair ornaments are adored by rich and fashionable women in modern times.

Their hair pins, hair combs and hair clips, and hair bands are made of gold and silver. Feathers and beads hair accessories are also used in traditional hair ornaments for women.

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