Hair Loss

Many Indian men experience natural hair loss and for many it starts very early. It is not uncommon for an Indian man to start losing his hair in his early twenties even. However though this subject was once very worrisome for the average Indian, with modern techniques, hair loss treatments and a variety of vitamins for hair loss now available, hair loss can be tackled without much difficulty. The range of hair loss products available in the Indian market today include herbal massage oils for hair loss treatment, shampoos and tonics to curb hair fall as well as medicines and vitamin supplements that prevent hair loss.

Women, fortunately, are less likely to go bald. So much so, in fact, that up until modern times, medical specialists held that women never go bald naturally. However, this theory has now been proven to be wrong and with genetics playing a big role in human life, it is rare but not impossible for women to naturally lose their hair.

In most cases of female hair loss though, there is an underlying medical condition which causes the hair loss and naturally in such cases, tackling the main illness may result in a hair loss cure. For instance female hair loss may be indicative of a low iron or calcium level and hence this can be treated by changing one’s diet and taking vitamin supplements to make up for the deficiency.

Some possible causes hair loss in women include the following problems : • Genetics play an important role in hair loss in women as well as men. Because of the hormonal imbalance within the body, certain women may experience hair loss.

• Polycystic ovaries syndrome may also cause hormonal imbalances and lead to hair loss in women.

• Some autoimmune disorders lead to a hair loss problem which is also known as ‘Alopecia Areata’. In such cases hair tends to grow in clumps or patches rather than uniformly over the head.
However whether people experience thinning of the hair or hair loss, there are also a variety of technological advancements that can offer them an option against baldness. Many movie stars, for instance, use hair extensions or plugs to create the illusion of glorious thick hair.

Hair extensions are available in a wide price range so they are not unaffordable for the average person. In addition, these are very easy to use and one does not need to go to a hairdresser to fix these hair extensions in place.

There are also methods that involve fusing individual hair extensions to one’s natural hair. This process carried with small sections of the hair at a time. Hair-weaving or fusing with heat are two methods to do this. However, the disadvantage of opting for such a process is that it involves the use of strong chemicals which can be very damaging for the natural hair or scalp.

One technique of hair-weaving is called ‘Invisible hair weaving’, and in this case the wefts of hair are braided into the individual’s own hair. This technique requires frequent touch-ups though.

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