Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss treatments are many in number, especially considering that today, there is more awareness and women as well as men are equally conscious regarding hair and hair loss. The treatments that are home based are suggestions of a good and balanced dietary plan to maintain a good equilibrium of skin and hair, to drink fluid, to wash hair few times a week with the right shampoo for your hair type, to oil less but to oil few times in a few months for nourishment and to have hair supplements of natural things in case necessary.

The treatments that involve hair gain or the treatments for hair loss, in other words, are hair supplements (vitamins, proteins and so on), hair medication (the last resort to hair gain, prescribed by a reliable and a good dermatologist/tricologist), hair massages that help in hair nurturing and hair tonics (like the Indian Shahnaz Hussain herbal tonic called Shatone for hair growth and vitality)and hair treatments at renowned and established hair salons, spas, centres and spa clinics as well.

Hair loss treatments can also be done via means of simple remedial measures of making sure to tell the person giving you a hair massage to do gentle growth exercises for hair and to use oils like almond and amla for vitality, and of course the age old coconut oil to oil hair when one does (which should not exceed once in two and a half weeks). Washing hair should be done with care and no brushing should be done after hair wash immediately. Wait until hair is dried and combed with a big bristled comb for knots and circulation and then run a brush after hair is dried to create better motion of blood circulation and to make hair shine and how!

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