Hair Loss Treatment

If you approach a doctor for hair loss treatment he may first question you about your life style, medical track record, food habits and even perform a physical examination on you. Women patients might have to give a detailed record of their menstrual cycle, pregnancies etc. Blood tests and biopsies on the scalp may also have to be performed to diagnose the type of hair loss for effective treatment. Treatments for hair fall differ according to the nature of the hair loss.

The common medicine for hair loss is Minoxidil. It is sold under the brand name of Rogaine and can be obtained without a proper prescription. It can be applied on the scalp by both the genders. Another prominent medicine Finsteride, which is sold under the brand name Propecia is only available on prescription. It comes in the form of pills and can be consumed by men only. It takes about six months to assess the workability of these medicines on an individual.

However it is advisable to diagnose the infection and cause of hair loss before proceeding with the treatment. If nothing helps one can always resort to techniques like hair transplantations, hair weaving or wear hair pieces and wigs.

It is perfectly normal to shed fifty to hundred hair in a day. However, an average hair follicle is very fragile and becomes week by the onslaught of old age, illnesses, inadequate diet, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, tension, stress, bad hygiene and excessive use of chemicals. Certain medicines can also result in hair loss. Many herbal and ayurvedic products have been developed to arrest hair loss.

Proper diet and nutrition along with some vitamins also help keep hair in place. Hair styling mechanics like straightening, pressing, dying, coloring, bleaching, tinting etc, which involve the use of chemicals is against nature and ends in calamitous hair loss.

Therefore natural treatments like regular oil massages, meditation, exercise and yoga is recommended to prevent hair loss by many doctors and hair therapists now. However, slow thinning of hair with age is a natural process and must be accepted with a smiling dignity.

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