Hair Loss Treatment after Pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is normal to most women. Hair loss happens after pregnancy because during pregnancy period, the production of hormones in the body increases to aid the development of the baby and the health of the mother. This results to an increased number of hairs in the body during the pregnancy period.

Not all of the hair grows at the same tican do after pregnancy can just be found on your kitchen. After pregnancy, the body needs necessary nutrients to restore the condition of the body. A complete balanced diet rich with anti-oxidants and flavonoids are recommended. These nutrients can protect the hair follicles from falling off. Iron rich foods such as nuts fish and meat also help the growth of hair. Avoid stressing the hair by tying it or braiding it.

Avoid treatments that have chemical elements on them. The products should have silica and biotin on it the help nourish the hair. Comb with wide tooth are recommended to detangle wet hair. Having a scalp massage with Lavander, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Neroli can help nourish the hair as well.

Just remember that hair loss after pregnancy is only temporary and it will eventually disappear after a period of time. You should always have a healthy lifestyle to maintain the growth of your hair.

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