Hair Loss Remedy

Although hair is a dead organ in terms of life preservation, it carries a lot of weight when translated into a component of beauty. Men and women get extremely anxious at the sight of disappearing and thinning hair. It is important to understand how hair grows before exploring the chapter of hair loss remedy.

Hair is initially formed in a small pocket of the skin. This is called the hair follicle. When a specific group of amino acids convert to keratin, papilla (an outgrowth at the root of the follicle) produces hair. Keratin is a type of protein. The rate at which these protein building blocks are produced determines the nature of the hair growth. The average rate of hair growth is around 1.2 cm per month. However the speed varies with age and gender.

Many remedies for hair loss are being used all over the world. Inadequate nutrition causes vitamin deficiency which causes hair fall. It has been observed that people who are diagnosed with vitamin B 6 deficiency often have severe hair fall and paucity of folic acid translates into baldness. A liberal and prolonged intake of vitamin B6 and folic acid restores hair growth. Reducing stress and anxiety by altering mind sets and life style is another way of countering hair fall as they are the primary causes of hair related problems. Treating diseases and illness on time also helps preserve hair as illness can also be the cause of hair loss.

Another easy remedy to arrest hair loss is a scrupulous follow up of hygiene rules. Keep hair clean by washing it twice a week in warm water with a mild shampoo. Avoid use of heavy chemicals on your hair. Avoid combing hair backwards and use quality combs and brushes.

Excessive brushing is also bad for your hair. Massage the hair vigorously for ten to fifteen minutes after a hair wash till the skin starts feeling warm. This stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Castor and coconut oil are both excellent for hair. You can also try boiling dry pieces of gooseberry (Indian ‘avla’) in coconut oil for hair application. Aloe Vera if rubbed on the scalp thoroughly and left for about half hour before washing yields excellent results for hair growth and retention.

There are numerous remedies to arrest hair loss and stimulate hair growth in the world to suit people of all countries which can be adapted to individual needs.

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