Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Healthy and full hair is an essential component of beauty. However, hair loss is a very common problem in the life of men and women making it imperative that they take timely measures to prevent the same.

Listed below are some common hair loss prevention tips for those who are struck by this problem :

1) Chemicals are notorious for destroying the health of hair. Therefore, it is desirable to restrict their use under a licensed beautician only. It is also highly advisable to minimize or completely eliminate the use of chemicals by substituting them with natural herbal products.

2) A balanced diet and intake of healthy and nutritious food ensures that one’s body gets the right vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair growth and retention. Excess intake of certain vitamins like A and E can also lead to excessive hair loss.

3) Illness and diseases should be treated by a doctor immediately. Negligence in terms of taking medication and ignorance of dietary precautions can lead to premature and permanent hair loss in some.

4) Be gentle with your hair by using friendly hair accessories which do not require hair to be pulled tightly and bound for prolonged periods of time. Comb and brush your hair regularly. Oil massages once or twice in a week also do wonders for hair.

5) Increasing blood flow in the scalp stimulates the hair follicle, thereby promoting growth. This can be done by various methods like regular massaging and proper combing of hair.

6) Adapt a life style that minimizes stress as tension is disastrous for your hair. This can be done by following a healthy routine which includes proper diet, exercise, meditation, holistic living, etc. Excessive materialism and bad relationships are also said to create a lot of trauma manifesting in hair loss.

7) Keeping hair clean and well groomed with natural products also helps preserve hair. It is also recommended that the head be kept covered in polluted environments.

8) It is believed that green tea contains catechins which blocks DHT and stimulates the hair follicle. DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss .So go for three to four cups of hot piping green tea every day and it should do your hair a world or good.

9) Last but not the least one should visit a doctor and a qualified beauty practitioner when hair starts falling beyond normal, which is fifty to hundred strands a day. This is important to diagnose the exact nature of your problem, without which right treatment cannot be given.

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