Hair Loss Into Hair Gain – Guide

Hair loss can very well and very often be turned with patience, gentleness and the use of necessary aids, into flowing hair gain. There are various pointers that form a guide to turn hair loss into hair gain. It goes like this (as shown below).

  • Taking care of hair with good hair supplements and vitamins helps hair growth and helps to maintain good healthy hair.
  • Washing hair few times a week, but not every day is good for hair. Washing hair everyday robs hair of the essential oils that it needs for remaining healthy and vibrant.
  • Using creams that are tailor-made for hair loss will help in hair gain.
  • Make sure (referring to above stated point) that the cream you use is one that suits your hair/hair type.
  • Conditioning hair will allow for the prevention of breakage of hair (spilt ends).
  • Shampoos of brands like L’Oreal understand hair needs better than most other brands. Use products that have fewer chemicals in them. This will help in hair gain.
  • Eat right! Eat almonds to ensure good lusciousness of hair.
  • Your diet (again referring to above stated point) is half the battle won. Your diet constitutes a lot regarding your hair, skin and bones. It is essential to try your level best to maintain a balanced dietary programme (In this case, diet does not mean diet-eating less to lose weight-; it means diet- your eating habits and the food intake).
  • Last of all, do not damage hair y brushing it while it’s wet. Do not use excessive products on hair, nor style it excessively with a blow-drier or straightener or curler. These products give heat to hair and this encourages hair fall and not hair gain.

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