Hair Look Bouncy and Vibrant

How to make wavy hair look bouncy and vibrant

Wavy hair is a great looking hair type. Whilst women or girls earlier did not always appreciate wavy hair and found the maintenance of it a pain in the neck, today, the approach and the concept of wavy hair has changed. This is because today, from hair sprays to conditioners to blow-driers to ironing machines, there are way too many products to choose from to make wavy hair look not only manageable, but also vibrant, bouncy and fun!

Wavy hair can be bouncy and vibrant with the right use of products. Use a good wavy hair conditioner or a leave-in conditioner for the wavy hair type. Next of all, choose a good hair drier which has a big mouth (the funnel part of the hair-direr should be relatively long to avoid excessive heat reaching your hair in close proximity); this helps a lot to avoid frizzy hair. It also helps to keep the drier at a small millimeter distance to avoid direct touching of the drier’s mouth to hair.

With the usage of products such as Garnier Mousse or Mousse of any other brand of repute, wavy hair instantly gets a vibrant shine or sheen and looks bouncy. To make wavy hair look wonderfully vibrant, one could also try using cold water to wash off conditioner from hair. Cold water helps to hold-down the hair or lock out the frizzes that threaten to appear in large amounts after you wash your hair (post conditioning). It also helps wavy hair to get smooth and washes out conditioner with ease (my personal suggestion would be for everyone to wash off conditioner from hair with cold water).

Wavy hair can look bouncy with the light use of curlers too. This would pronounce the waves of the hair and make way for light but bouncy waves which lean towards curly rather than straight. Adding vegetable glycerin to hair at times by mixing it with your mousse or gel will give a shine, help in getting rid of frizz and make a vibrancy occur in your hair type. Try and make it a rule to not use a hair brush as soon as you wash your hair. This will really help to avoid split ends and helps in general avoidance of breakage of hair.

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