Hair in Braids

Hair in braids- easier with straight or curly hair?

Hair in Braids Hair in braids are certainly far easier to comb out and braid with straight hair. curly hair makes it tough for the formation of braids, because the hair is wavy or curly, making hair unfit for easy and effortless braiding. Braiding is the easiest with straight hair as the hair is smooth, straight and can be knotted into forming braids. Hair in braids can be comfortable to wear, and smooth, straight hair provided more smoothness to the exercise of tying a plait or braids.

Straight hair can be easily tied up, in a bun at the back of the head, in a clip, in rubberbands or with easy, in braids. Yes, if hair is cut in fine layers or many layers, and by fine, I refer to razor sharp edging of hair done via scissors to create a razored hair cut look, then the braids may be a bit more taxing to form. The braids that are smooth are ones that are formed or tied with hair that is straight, but not very layered or cut. Needless to say, razored hair can be sticking out or uncomfortable to tie since the cut is such! But straight hair, by and large is a hair type/texture that is the easiest to maintain!

Yes, curly hair can be less or completely sans of frizziness attributes, and is a lot easier today, with the usage of simple and effective frizz-ease products from veteran brands like Paul Michele and TIGI to name a few. There are other serums that help in the achievement of developing an anti-frizz situation of hair. there are other brands of lotions for frizziness and the control of the same in the market today. Lack of frizz helps more of glitz and shine! It helps maintain and style better!

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