Hair Gain by Eating Right

Hair Gain by Eating Right

Hair gain can happen by eating right! Viola! This is no strange phenomenon. There has been a regular mention on this website about the importance of a good diet or rather, a balanced one for hair. Eating right can result in good hair as well, among other things. When one has the nourishment of a glass of coconut water, it shows up on skin, one’s skin looks better, smoother and shinier, because of the nutrients that coconut water has in it.

Similarly, if coconut water is good for skin and definitely good for application on hair (even if it is only once in a while), then it is a safe assumption and in this case, very much a fact that coconut water, when drunk, results in good yielding hair.

The cream of the coconut needs to be avoided as the cream or the malai ( a term for cream in the Hindi language) is high in calories and causes weight gain and does not help growth of hair growth either. Foods that are rich in antioxidants can be eaten for good hair as well, such as guava, strawberries and citric fruits. Dals, pulses and grains help in hair growth too.

Hair care is filled with options for achieving this. Hair care can be established by a variety of means and ways, the know-how also lies in the ability to know what to eat and when; also to keep in mind good eating habits. Almonds, for instance are good protein supplements for hair. Eating almonds help hair growth and hair vitality! Hair gain can be accomplished by eating the rightful food and in the rightful amounts. So, each of us should start hair care, by focusing on the input, that we make into our systems, in terms of food, because what we eat is what we reap (hair growth)

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