Hair Fall After Straightening Hair

Hair fall after straightening hair- Remedies and suggestions

Hair Fall After Straightening Hair Hair fall is a given and is an obvious thing after hair straightening. There are remedial measures and suggestions that one can adhere to for keeping a check on the hair fall post straightening. Or in other words, there are remedies and suggestions that one can take to for controlling hair fall post straightening of hair.

Remedies and suggestive measures:

1. Oil hair occasionally, once in a fortnight (but not for the initial month post chemically straightening hair).

2. Use lotions for hair vitality (such as Shahnaz Husain herbal hair tonic, called Shatone).

3. Avoid using serum on hair if your skin is sensitive or if your hair is of an oily texture. Serum, when used on hair, and if the skin is sensitive, will create acne and serum is a definite no for acne prone skin type. (hair that has serum invariable touches your forehead or face at some part and this makes skin more sensitive and creates more acne).

4. Avoid too much mousse and gels on hair. These are avoidable and try to have an occasional hair treat with boosters such as honey, yougurt (curd) to name a few booster ways!

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