Hair Extensions

It may come as a shock to many people, but many celebrities do not have their real hair on. It’s true. Many celebrities today employ the use of hair extensions, which offer a simple and natural-looking bounce and vitality to their own hair. These extensions can be used on long, medium-length or even short hair and the best part is that hair extensions costs vary over a wide range depending on the color, quality and style of the hair and hence such extensions can be available to anyone.

The most expensive in the range usually include real hair extensions. However more economical options have meant that hair extensions are not the exclusive domain of the affluent. Today one can even get hair extensions wholesale India. Individuals can even long hair extensions to create the illusion of hair-length. In that sense they can be used to perform the function of wigs.

Human hair extensions are also a great way to temporarily experiment with different lengths of hair and different hair styles without radically changing your look for a long time. There is no limit to the kinds and styles of looks that you can experiment with using air extensions which are sometimes also known as plugs or switches. You can use extensions to create long, layered tresses or medium-length hairstyles, wavy hairstyles or poker straight hair styles or for that matter any kind of hair style you want. Aside from altering hair styles or hair lengths, hair extensions are mainly used to make one’s natural hair look thicker. Many people use hair extensions on a day-to-day basis because the techniques to use some of these are very easy.

For instance one can use clip in hair extensions which are as easy to use as hair clips. You just lift a bunch of your hair and clip the hair extension on. Usually people who wear hair extensions regularly prefer this type of hair extensions as the alternatives can prove to be damaging to their natural hair with extended usage over the course of time. There are also braided hair extensions but these demand the use of a second person to put them on.

In this case, the wefts of hair or the extensions are braided on to one’s own natural hair starting at the roots. The braiding must begin very close to the scalp and needs to be extremely tight to keep the extension from slipping off. There are also hair extensions which must be fused onto the scalp but these are not only very painful to attach, but they also require the use of strong chemicals. This last method of using hair extensions can be very damaging to the individual’s natural hair and may even lead to hair loss.

However in order to achieve great lengths hair extensions are often the only option as many people cannot grow their hair very long no matter what they try. Besides the hair starts to look very thin once it grows very long and no matter what your hair quality, you would see a big difference before and after hair extensions.

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