Hair Extension Problems

There are many disadvantages of hair extensions. You are not going with nature when you do hair extensions, and like other artificial methods this too can damage your natural hair.

For example the glue which is applied to your natural hair can translate into damaging and slitting the tips of you original hair. After hair glue extensions are removed you are always compelled to cut the ends of your natural hair.

The additional pressure which is applied to your scalp when heavy and long hair extensions are added can harm your over-all health and well being and erode the quality of you natural hair.

For example weighty hair extensions can lead to headaches and the bonding glue which is used to stick hair can also cause allergies.

Personal sensitivity goes a long way in determining the reaction of individuals to hair extensions though. You must carefully consider a number of personal factors before making your choice of hair extension.

Hair extensions are good or bad in accordance with your needs and sensitivity. If you are very keen to grow your hair long in the near future, a hair extension can do irreversible damage to your hair requiring you to cut it, thus sabotaging your hair growing plans. At the same time a person wanting to sport a brand new look for a few months then planning on cutting her hair should turn to hair extensions as a perfect solution.

It is highly advisable to approach an expert for guidance before deciding to go in for a hair extension. You should also do a thorough study on what you are going in for; weigh the pros and cons carefully before plunging your head in the delights of this technique of instantaneous new hair look.

Hair extensions are a cosmetic child of the fast paced jet age with its technical pace and instant solutions. It also suffers from all the consequences of going against the gradual pace of nature. So be aware of what you are doing to your hair.

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