Hair Extension Methods

It is important to know that there are several methods of hair extension. In other words the fact that your natural hair can be extended through attachments in several ways gives you a cosmetic choice. Each method of hair extension is particularly designed to suit specific hair types and circumstances.

Hair extensions are gaining in popularity every day. People who are leading high visibility life like models, films actors, film actresses and other public figures get them done for different roles, cosmetic and grooming reasons.

There are many different methods of hair integration to fit your needs. The most common long lasting method of hair extension is called ‘track and sew’ because it involves integrating wefts. The ‘Tracks’ translates into cornrows, that is done by active braiding in the direction of the hair fall. In fact the method determines how the hair falls; towards the face or away from the face, with a parting or without it. In other word ‘Tracks’ lays the foundation for the final look.

A custom made blunt needle is used to sew wefts on the braids. The needles can be either straight or curved. You can choose from a wide palate of specially made colored threads. This depends on the hair that is being used for the extension.

Another popular method of hair extension is the invisible weave. This method is abiding since a long time for attaching artificial hair popularly called commercial hair. It takes about an hour and should be done by a trained professional only. Invisible hair weaving is the best way of attaching hair for a long period. It lasts for about 2 months.

Special bonding glues are sometimes directly used on the customer’s hair. However a patch test is desirable as per the manufacturer’s directions before indulging in this method. Wefts should never be bonded directly to the scalp.

Wefts can also be clipped in special clips. These are sewn to the wefts directly. This method is more for temporary functionality and the weft can be easily removed. Clipped wefts can change and add colour, give length and volume to hair for a particular event like a wedding or a party. Adhesives and clips are normally used to hold huge bulks of hair. However this can be done in several ways to create different styles. You should consider your resources, needs and hair situation before choosing a method of hair extension for yourself.

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