Hair Extension Care

The nuances of hair extension care are similar to normal hair care. In fact hair extensions are treated and washed in the same way as your original hair and are naturally subject to the same wear and tear.

Extensions are known for wearing out with wear and wash. The growth of you natural hair also affects the hair extension. It is desirable to use good quality and gentle hair caring products to preserve the life of hair extensions for this reason.

Integrations or hair extensions can be shampooed just like natural hair. However some added care has to be bestowed on hair extensions like the use of milder shampoos. Some manufacturers even recommend wig shampoos for integrations.

The hair extension manufacturer’s kits normally contain literature giving instructions on the method of brushing, combing and drying of hair extensions. They even specify the temperature or heat setting to be used while drying. It is advisable to follow these guidelines to ensure longer and healthy life for your hair extension.

Human hair extensions can be treated just like natural hair with a little added gentle care, since they undergo heavy processing to achieve the desired colour and texture.

For example only cold water rinses with a mild shampoo and a gentle conditioner is more in order for hair integrations. The use of cold water minimizes incidences of tangling and matting. Having to remove these loosens the base of extensions and damages the hair.

The styling of artificial hair should be undertaken with the same extra care to preserve quality and ensure long life. It is highly recommended that the texture of the hair purchased should suit the styles in which it is going to be worn. The use of heat to straighten curly hair and curl straight hair causes damage to it, reducing the life span of your integration.

Synthetic hair and its blend should be handled with tender loving care when it comes to the application of heat for a similar reason. In fact, it is advisable to eliminate the use of heat completely in some cases, as synthetic strands tend to melt, burn or wear with the application of heat.

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons become an absolute no but for those integrations which are specially made to resist heat.

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