Hair Damage Control

Damaged hair can be identified from its brittleness, dullness, and frizz content. The hair may also be hard to control. There are a number of reasons for hair damage. Some of them are frequent hair coloring, hairstyling with irons, hair dryers, insufficient diet, prolonged exposure to the sun, etc. Even brittle combs or brushes can do a lot of damage to hair. Over conditioning or excessive shampooing can be also disastrous.

Hair Damage Control To identify damaged hair, look for these signs:

· Extremely porous scalp.

· Rough texture of hair.

· When put into water,the hair sinks to the bottom.

· Feels dry,coarse and brittle on touching.

· Breaks easily, has no elasticity.

Few most visible signs, like rough texture, dryness  can help you identify and gauge the amount of damage the hair has borne. These are usually caused by damage to the cuticle of the hair shaft. You can smoothen the cuticle by using ph-balanced conditioners, which are also protein enhanced and restore moisture back into the hair. This way, the hair shaft is also protected from any more damage. When dealing with damaged hair, it is critical to treat the hair with a moisture laden conditioning treatment every week. Also, when styling damaged hair, use a light leave in conditioner.
When you are dealing with damaged hair, you also need to check the elasticity of the hair. If your client’s hair has broken ends and shorter hair strands, chances are that the hair have lost their elasticity. This kind of damaged hair is even susceptible to breakage. They can be treated by using a protein rich conditioner and also a protein treatment every week. This strengthens the cuticle and the hair shaft.

If you are joining a hairdresser’s course, make sure that it teaches you how to deal with damaged hair of all types as this is a very common problem in both, men and women.

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