Hair Combs

Hair combs are as old as mankind. It is possible that hair combs were first invented by man as weapons against parasites, and then improvised to double up as a cosmetic implement. Hair combs are the oldest tools known to humans for grooming purposes.

Hair combs are absolutely essential hair maintenance tools. Combing your hair is an important way to maintain the health and shine of your hair. There are different types of combs available in the market. Choosing the right comb in accordance with the type and texture of hair you have is highly desirable. There are different hair combs for different purposes and it is advisable to posses one of all types for this reason.

Hair combs come in various sizes ranging from big to the small. The smallest are those which can be fitted in pocket. There are different combs for boys and girls – men and women. Some hair combs are designed to be gentle on your hair while some are made with wide teeth to disentangle wet and tangled hair. Some come with fine teeth with barely any gap to ensure total smoothness and flow of silky hair.

Hair combs are also made with half of its teeth wide and thick and other half fine and close together. Some hair combs have fine tails to facilitate the parting of your hair while other are made to be perfect for back combing and hairdo designing purposes. Hair combs are a ‘must have’ on the grooming table of every woman and are frequently carried in the purses of girls and pockets of boys.

Hair combs are made of different materials like plastic, wood, bone, steel, aluminum, ivory and many other materials. High end hair combs can be designed and bejeweled for rich women as important grooming tools. Hair stylists use different hair combs to create designer dos and other hair products.

The traditional hair comb comes in the form of a little sprout deluxe cradle cap comb. This features a soft and flexible design which makes it slightly superior to the hard variety. However the original sprout textured hair combs are excellent for coarse hair. Pocket combs are about five inches long or less for smaller boys and girls. The standard size for hair combs is 6 inches. These fit into a purse with immense ease. Wooden hair combs with large sturdy teeth are best for women as they do not create static electricity and minimizes incidences of hair breakages.

A variety of hair combs are now sold as a single kit for women who care for their hair and are aware. These come in a variety of material to suit different needs and pockets.

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