Hair Color

The trend of hair coloring is no newcomer in India as since ancient times Indian women have been coloring their hair with a variety of herbal products and natural hair color agents like Henna. However, the use of chemical products on hair has been a relatively new process for Indian women.

Hair coloring through such processes has only recently become very popular in India. Indian men are also willing to experiment with hair coloring techniques these days and young boys may even sport unique hair colors or triple-highlights.

There are many beauty salons and parlors throughout the country where one can avail of such hair treatments but the problem that the Indian consumer faces stems from insufficient information and improper advice on the subject. Also, it is unfortunate that some hair dressers employ people without expertise on the subject or people who have not had enough practice with working with hair color and this can lead to major hair fiascos.

Today, the beauty and cosmetic industry is witnessing rapid growth in India and with this expansion comes the entry of many new products for the Indian consumer. Such consumers may include do-it-yourself-hair dye colors as well. Here the problem that you may face is how to choose the right hair color for you.

This task becomes a little easier when you understand how hair color reflects light. White light, as you may have studied in school, is made up of the basic seven colors of the rainbow and the color we see objects as being are simply the colors or the combination of colors that bounces of that object.

A typical chart of hair colors is divided into levels, which are marked from one to ten on the basis of their shade. Lower markings are for darker shades of hair. Therefore dark black may be 1 whereas blonde would be ten. These marking represent the amount of light the color will reflect, and naturally lighter hair will reflect more light which is why lighter shades get higher markings.

When playing around with hair color ideas, one needs to be very careful as some hair colors can be permanent. This is usually because the chemicals used in such hair-coloring kits are very strong and cannot just be washed off. In such cases, you need to be very careful as you may have to contend with the new hair color for a long period of time. Therefore it is important that you consider the color you have decided to opt for as well the style you have selected.

Some styles may look great on celebrities but that does not mean that you can carry them off and remember that you also need to look professional at your day job as well. Not all hair colors are permanent though. Also it is advisable to opt for colors where the process for removing hair dye from skin is not going to be difficult or involve strong chemical agents.

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