Hair Clips Bows and Sticks

Hair clips, bows and hair sticks form an integral part of decorative accessories for female hair since times immemorial. The popularity of these hair decorations is the same for girls and women all over the globe.

Hair clips are an all time favorites of infants, little girls and their mothers for reasons of convenience and beauty appeal. Hair clips are made in different designs, shapes and sizes to hold the hair of females of all ages. Men who grow their hair also opt for hair pins in simple designs and textures. Hair clips can be made from various materials like metal, wire, bone, wood, plastic, rubber.

Hair Manufacturers paint and decorate hair clips with varied material in many different ways. Some mothers make their own hair clips at home for their little ones. Fashionable girls and women are also very fond of decorating this hair accessory themselves or get them custom made according to need and choice. The size of hair pins can vary as per the volume and length of the wearer’s hair. Patterns and decorations can vary as per occasion, choice and need.

It is said that “all cute girls wear bows”. Hair bows, boutique hair bows, headbands are a ubiquitous presence in the world of women. Babies, toddlers, teenagers or young ladies all can wear bows. These are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes all over the world. Hair bows can be decorated in numerous ways with varied material to style, decorate, and manage fe-male hair.

Men who wear long hair can also make intelligent and aesthetic use of this hair accessory. Victorian England was full of men who used hair bows to fasten their hair. Fabrics of different textures, colours and quality are popularly used to make hair bows. Materials are shaped, stitched, decorated and attached to elastic to make beautiful bows. Satin ribbons are also a very common medium to make bows. Baby hair bows are usually very soft and small girls go for delicate and cute hair bows in lovely shades to match their dresses.

Hair sticks for holding, winding and managing hair is as old as the birth of the female species. They evolved in terms of designs and materials with the evolution of mankind. Hair sticks vary from simple to gorgeous, plain to exotic, very cheap to very expensive.

They can take the avatar of simple plastic, natural bone or wooden props for hair to suit plain working girls and women – or manifest as diamond jewels, ivory sticks or crystal swarovski sticks for high end society females. There are hair sticks of all prices for different occasions.

There is a huge industry of hair accessories like clips, bows and sticks in all the countries of the world today.

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