Hair Accessories

The average Indian consumer has only recently become aware of many beauty and cosmetic products and treatments. In that sense the beauty and cosmetic industry in India is still at the budding stage. Consequently many Indian women still prefer to stick to conventional or traditional hair styles like long, dark hair which is usually uniformly cut. This only means there is great scope for expansion in the beauty and cosmetic sector in India. One of the things that make both women and men cautious to experiment with new and different products is their lack of knowledge and information.

In the hair-accessory sector, for instance there are many products available for use, but those who remain oblivious to the use of these, would rather stick to the old fashioned rubber band and hair clips. It is unfortunate that despite the manufacture and distribution of a whole variety of hair accessories in the Indian market, many remain unaware of the uses of such products and hence do not experiment with them.

Today hair product manufacturers in India manufacture not just hair accessories for long hair, but also produce wedding hair accessories, baby hair accessories, silk-flower hair accessories¸ bridal hair accessories of all different kinds. It is a pity that many people do not take advantage of this availability and that too at the affordable prices they are sold at in India. In the area of children’s hair accessories however, there is no stagnation as far as sales go. Here people are more interested in experimenting with different styles and trends.

Fortunately the Indian hair accessory manufacturing companies can count on a great demand for wholesale hair accessories from overseas clients to sustain their profits. And the Indian public is gradually gaining awareness about different hair accessories and so will eventually pen up to the use of different hair styling tools.

Some great hair styles can be achieved by using simple hair-styling tools like hair picks, rollers etc once one knows how to use these properly. For instance hair picks, which are traditionally an oriental hair accessory, work best on heavy hair. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used by people with light or thin hair. One could use hair picks to dress up a conventional ponytail or a bun for instance.

Some of the best hair jewelry is manufactured in India as well. These items are already quite popular with the Indian masses however. This includes an array of real gold or silver hair clips, jaw claws, head bands and tiaras which may even be encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones. There are also artificial versions of such items available for the sheer purpose of dressing up one’s look. These products lend one’s attire an air of sophistication and are perfect to sport at formal events.

While choosing hair accessories to buy, be careful to look at the product’s finishing touches. For instance be on the lookout for hair bands with seams that are already opening out, or for secure clasps on jaw claws and ponytail holders.

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