Graduated Bob Hair Cuts

Graduated bob hair cuts have a versatile styles and colors that are not difficult to maintain. It gives you an uncommon look. Graduated bob hair cuts cannot run out of fashion. With addition of fringe or side bangs, you will look awesome. Graduated bob hair cuts are suited with some colors.


Graduated Bob Hair Cuts 1. NORMAL GRADUATED BOB CUTS: Both Rihanna and Victoria Beckham get their fame from this type of graduated bob hair cuts. This type of graduated bob hair cuts matches black and blonde hair color. If you want to make normal graduated bob hair cuts, just cut short your hair at the neck nape and make it longer at the front. Make the cut suitable in order to give attractive movement and body to your hair cuts. Make a straight or irregular side parting.

2. COMPLEMENTING THE GRADUATED HAIR CUTS: Make this type in form of wave and a little bit straight or add a brushy side bangs in order to appear soft. You can cap the style with fringe. This fringe are of two types:

. Straight blunt

. Wispy fringe with sideways brush


1. Wavy and blended straight hair, that is the light brown hair will be the basic while deep brown will be highlighted

2. Wispy side fringes to your eyes level. This gives you sexy appearance. You can also add mixed color in which deep reddish-brownish shade of hair will be the base and medium dark brown will be highlighted.

3. For black graduated bob hair cuts, blunt fringe could be added to have a very clear and attractive look.

4. Application of side bangs of blonde shade hair as the base and darker blonde shade will be the highlights.

5. Apply side bangs along with black hair as the base and deep brown as the highlights.

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