Getting The Shade Right

Hair coloring is one of the most commonly used hair treatments. The color of our hair is the result of a pigment called melanin.You can color hair in only three ways-make it darker, lighter, or change to a different color. Hair coloring agents are of four types, temporary, permanent, semi permanent dyes and permanent dyes.

There are three methods of hair coloring

Getting The Shade Right · All over:This method is done when you want to entirely change your hair color. Unlike highlights, coloring the hair all over will give the hair an even look. Hair such colored require a touch up every four to eight weeks. For straight hair, use translucent colors. With wavy hair, use  color toners with a clear gloss treatment.This helps in adding shine and depth. For curly hair all over, avoid using opaque colors.

· Highlighting using Foils:This method involves adding strands of color to the hair. You need to separate strands that are to be colored from the rest of the hair. For straight hair, avoid using too many highlights, this will only end up creating a crowded effect. Same is the technique with wavy hair, but carefully gauge the thickness of weaves you chose for coloring. With curly hair too, make sure the separated strands are in proportion to the others.

· Highlighting using Baliage: This is basically a hair painting method. The stylist sweeps the color onto a few strands or chunks of hair with a lot of control and precision. For coloring straight hair, use a thin brush to paint the hair on the surface layers. Wavy hair should be handled carefully, as you need to decide the thickness of the painted hair to be balanced. Curly hair are well suited to baliage, since it helps the colorist in apllying the color where reflection is maximum and improve the hair’s natural appearance.

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