Funky Wavy Hairstyles

Teenage is the time when you are free to do experiments with styles, whether it’s the clothing, accessories, face look or hairs. Youth time is the time that you never want to be usual, it should be full of memories and hence you should try out many things and one thing that you can try out is the funky wavy hairstyles. There is nothing wrong in trying something different and when you are young and free to enjoy life then why to care about anything, just go different and unique looks with funky hairstyles.

Funky Wavy Hairstyles If you are a school or college girl and looking for a stylish and funky makeover, then this is the right time for you to look attractive and become a matter of talk among your classmate and friends. Funky wavy hairstyles will surely provide you the opportunity to become the limelight in the crowd. Eighteen is the right age to attract guys by wearing the style that can give you a sexy, stylish and appealing look. Curls or wavy look is the hairstyles that never go out of fashion and hence you can try of some of the best funky wavy hairstyles that suit your face and hair texture.

Funky hairstyles are not difficult to maintain, you just need to do the proper conditioning with quality hair products and shampoo. You can wear the funky wavy hairstyle in the disco party or the theme based events such as fest or carnival. If you are going for a party you can go with some temporary colour. For getting funkier look you can also make use of hair gel to give spikes and wet look or you can even try some hair sprays. Some of the most popular hairstyles to get the funky wavy looks are: layered style, side swept bangs, tousled bob, and wavy up-do and cascading waves.

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