Formal Long Haircuts for Men

Long hair for men is something which men with a sense of style and individuality are in favor of keeping. While most like to keep it short and hassle free, men who like to keep long hair are fond of their hair texture, like to wear it long and are ready to explore the hairstyles which long hair can afford.

If you have long hair, it does not necessarily mean that you do not have a proper job where you need to look clean and professional. Long hair can also be styled into looking neat and professional and there are various style options you can choose from:

Formal Long Haircuts for MenTake a look at this daring haircut. The shaggy, razor cut edges have been put in place by gel and shine serum is applied to give an overall effect. A deep red hair colour has been used to accentuate the bangs in front. Though this is an unconventional haircut, it looks good even in a formal setting with the toned down styling effects.

Formal Long Haircuts for MenThe same type of shaggy, edgy haircut as shown above but with a styling difference. Instead of straightening down the razor edged ends, the hair is tossed out to give a reckless attitude to the overall look. Hence the overall effect is a bit of revolt to the tameness of professionalism.

Formal Long Haircuts for Men Unlike the razor cut layers, this haircut is achieved by the use of shears. The edges are then curled into waves or left blunt and hair is parted neatly to give a clean, wavy look. It is a great hairstyle to flaunt with long hair in a formal setting.

Formal Long Haircuts for Men This hairstyle is also based on long layers. The edges are razor cut and the hair is sleeked back with gel by using fingers to separate the tresses. A great look to flaunt which can be carried off in formal occasions as well.

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