Female Hair Transplant

A very important key aspect of female beauty has always been her hair which has been given a very apt description of being a woman’s crowning glory since ancient times. Off late there has been tremendous increase in hair loss problem. Research has shown that there are growing numbers of women experiencing thin, dry and scanty hair leading to hair loss problems.

There are various causes of female hair loss. This includes hormonal imbalance especially following pregnancy or menopause, surgery, stress related to work, home, etc, rapid weight loss, hormone replacement surgery, side effects from prescribed medications ,anemia and thyroid problems.

There are three medical solutions to prevent hair loss .They are as follows:

  • Medical Trichological Treatment
  • Female Hair Transplant
  • Combination of the two

Female Hair TransplantA few patients require increasing their density and others require a corrected hairline which originally they are not satisfied with. The hair transplant procedure is carried out under local anesthesia .The donor hair grafts are harvested from a strip of skin taken from area between two ears. The strip is divided into small units of skin (grafts), each containing one, two or three hair follicular units. Then, recipient sites are created in the area of hair loss by making small slits in the bald skin. Each site is no bigger than the opening created by the needle used when blood is drawn from your arm. Then each of the grafts is carefully placed into each recipient site. Three to four months later, the transplanted hair begins to grow, and continues to grow a half inch per month for the rest of your life.

This procedure is very expensive and requires lot of post surgery wait for the hair to start growing so patience is a key to hair transplant in females.

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