Female Hair Loss

Most women panic at the sight of hair loss, as a head full of luscious hair spells beauty and youth since times immemorial. Housewives, career women and socialites of all ages spend considerable time in nurturing and preserving the beauty and health of their hair. Attractive, well cut and set hair is the defining point in personal style for women world over.

Humorously speaking no woman remains untouched by the fall of her hair. For this reason hair loss can emerge as a great crisis in an average woman’s life. Bald men are more acceptable than bald women. Yet more and more women are facing the ghastly fact of hair loss with the passage of time.

Hair loss is becoming a serious calamity all over the world. The American Academy of Dermatology has been quoted as claiming that “hair loss is a growing problem affecting some thirty million women in the United States; with some forms of loss occurring at earlier ages”. Women at the age of sixteen and seventeen are developing serious problems of hair loss in modern times.

But what exactly causes a woman to lose her hair? To understand that, it’s important to know a little something about how hair grows. However this varies with people and genders in accordance with a type of hormones known as androgen; which are famous for interfering with this process of nature. Dermatology says that androgens consist of hormones like androsteinedione, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone commonly called DHT. These hormones are manufactured in huge amounts in male bodies and in small amounts in female bodies. The pattern of balding is different in men and women for this reason. Menstrual cycle, pregnancies, nature of delivery also go a long way in determining the nature of hair fall in a woman.

It is imperative that one gets the proper diagnosis before starting hair loss treatment in a woman. The underlying medical problem has to be first corrected which can be tested by a qualified doctor through blood tests and scalp biopsy in severe cases. Clinically speaking androgenic alopecia is the main reason for female hair loss. It is also desirable that fe-males substitute the use of chemicals with ayurvedic, herbal and home products for their beauty needs to preserve their hair. Living in natural unpolluted surroundings, a healthy and stress free life style and proper nourishment is also equally important for this.

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