Fashion Forward Looks For Long Hair This Year

This year of 2010 has many new ideas and concepts and hair is of no exception to that rule. Long hair do’s and styles can be maintained with proper conditioning and brushing as well as combing hair well and at regular intervals of time. Fashion is not just for clothes but also for hair. Hair can come alive with a few lively strokes of the hair brush and a few tips to proper maintenance. Hair that is long can be styled well also.

Fashion forward looks for this year and particularly pertaining to long hair are as listed below:

–          Long hair can be styled with permers and curlers to give a unique look to long or flowing hair lengths

–          Long hair can be tied up with small clips and pins as well as tied in a tight pony tail to give a fashionable effect. To take fashion to another level, try a combination of the former stated. Clips, pins that look nice as well as fashionable along with tying up of hair in a pony tail gives an ideal impact and effect for hair.

–          Fashion and hair gels go hand in hand at times. For looks that are different, try long hair washing with products such as leave in conditioners as well as serums that suit your hair type for styling it. Make sure you do not have sensitive skin, otherwise do not opt for serums and anything that will be either greasy or additional for your hair or hair type. This is a point to be noted and remembered as well.

–          Long hair can be styled in a bun shape and cut in fringes or fringe in front on the forehead area. This is a look that used to in vogue and fashion years and decades ago in separate entities and elements. In the sense, that, hair used to be tied up in buns and that was considered fashionable in those days, years ago. And fringes were in style as well, the long ones that drape your forehead, this was a fashion statement back then. Today, the style that is fashion forward and staring at the very lap of chic fashion, is a combination of these two looks and styles. The bun look with a forehead fringe is the look to carry for this year and is super chic.

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